Masters Draws

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The Draws are out for the 2018 British National Masters Championships, to be held at The Northern Club next week in Manchester.

The men’s events from O35 to O70 are all 32-draws, with 8-draws for the O70 and O80.

Top seeds are as follows:

M35: [1] Andrew Whipp, [2] Jesse Engelbrecht, [3/4] Darren Lewis, Peter Billson
M40: [1] Jamie Goodrich, [2] Mick Biggs, [3/4] Jonathan Gallacher, Ashley Bowling
M45: [1] Peter O’Hara, [2] Michael Harris, [3/4] Jonathan Glidden, Paul Boyle
M50: [1] Yawar Abbas, [2] David Youngs, [3/4] Andrew Cross, Stephen McLoughlin
M55: [1] Mark Woodliffe, [2] John Parkes, [3/4] Martin Greenslade, David Box
M60: [1] Allen Barwise, [2] Ian Bradburn, [3/4] Stuart Hardy, Robin Ridley
M65: [1] John Goodrich, [2] Ian Holmes, [3/4] Terry Belshaw, John Rae
M70: [1] Ian Ross, [2] Barry Featherstone. [3/4] Philip Ayton, Rodney Boswell
M75: [1] Mike Clemson, [2] Adrian Wright, [3/4] William Wilson, Beverley Boag
M80: [1] Malcolm Gilham, [2] Patrick Kirton, [3/4] Lance Kinder, John Woodliffe

In the Women’s events, the O35, O45 and O55 are 8-draws, the O45 and O50 are 16, while the O60 and O65 are Pools.

W35: [1] Lauren Briggs, [2] Amina Helal, [3/4] Natalie Lawrence, Selina Sinclair
W40: [1] Keeley Johnson, [2] Rachel Calver, [3/4] Krissy Dalwood, Louisa Dalwood
W45: [1] Shayne Baillie, [2] Andrea Santamaria, [3/4] Isabelle Tweedle, Sarah Parr
W50: [1] Rachel Woolford, [2] Kay Fallows, [3/4] Ashley Mears, Sue Martin-Downhill
W55: [1] Mandy Akin, [2] Jill Campion, [3/4] Lesley Sturgess, Hilary Kenyon
W60: [1] Sian Johnson, [2] Karen Hume
W65: [1] Faith Sinclair, [2] Bett Dryhurst